G'day. I am Steve,

The Local Electrician and Antenna guy in Fremantle.

Here in Fremantle, you can’t always easily get all the Perth digital TV channels unless you have a professional antenna installation. If you have noticed that your reception is poor, give me a call. I can help you upgrade to a nice new Australian made digital TV antenna. We would never install one of those Bunning’s antennas or other low-quality cheap antennas. Australian antennas are designed to a higher spec and can withstand the harsh environment here. The others can’t and they will fail very quickly. Also, the antennas we sell are guaranteed to be compatible with your digital receiver or flat-screen TV. We can install your home theatre rig and your TV and hook it all up to your new TV antenna. Letting us do the work ensures no headaches and a great experience. We even tune it all for you.

Our ACMA licensed cablers are also local Fremantle electricians and CCTV installers. We can tackle any kind of home DATA cable installations for power points, phone points, TV sockets, camera systems, radio antennas, smart wiring, LAN points, NBN sockets, and MATV systems. You name it, we can install it.

When you need a professional to make sure your system works the way you want, call me. I can help. We work anywhere in the Fremantle area and surrounding areas and are aware of all the issues with bad reception. The limestone formations in this area are very bad for TV reception, but don't worry. Our guys know the bad spots and how to get you the best reception possible. I operate a local family owned business and we believe in giving you first-class antenna services with a smile. You can always trust us to get your job done the right way, every time and no drama.

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